Choosing wedding stationery

You want your wedding stationery to have as good an impact as you can because it’s your guests first experience in the wedding, and sets the scene for the experience that they are to have.
There is a very wide choice of wedding invitations available, so how should you choose?

Don’t email!

The first thing to avoid is sending emails. Even though it’s our primary way of communicating by word these days it’s still not acceptable to send a wedding invitation by email – tradition still rules – so don’t be impolite by doing this.

Pick the right design for you

There is a huge choice of wedding invitations so how can you narrow it down.
Well firstly you can pick a theme. If you are having a very modern wedding you should have modern invitations, probably in a san serif font. If you are having a traditional wedding you should choose a traditional more old-fashioned serif font and traditional paper.
Look for ideas for your invitation from wedding magazines from the internet on sites such as pinterest – here are some examples.

Next ask for some samples to be sent to you by the printers or designers that you decide to choose. This gives you a chance to check the quality, it can be hard to tell this in a brochure or on screen.


Wedding invitations can be pricey so it’s important to keep a close eye on costs. Some places have a price per card with extras included but others have one price for the card then you have to add on the costs of envelopes and the personalization of the card on top of this. So look at what you’re getting
If you want to save money you can easily send out your own invitations.

Check check check

Make sure you triple check all the details on the invitation – exactly where the guests should go and at what time. Make sure everything can be clearly read and is not ambiguous in any way. Here’s what you should have on the card

  • Your names
  • Hosts
  • Venue
  • Time
  • Date
  • RSVP

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