Logos and stationery

A great logo can really help make your stationery look good, and is also very helpful for other parts of your business, such as on your business cards or website.

So make sure you don’t skimp on the branding/logo for your business. It’s tempting to do it yourself to save money but if you end up with an amateurish result you will only lose customers in the long run because they will think that everything you do is amateurish, even if this isn’t true. So make sure you go to the professionals.

Who should you choose to do it

You could get a logo done very cheaply on Fiverr but there is no guarantee at all that the quality will be any good. You are probably better off finding a reputable graphic design company to do it. Ideally it would be a good to get a recommendation from someone. Here’s some of the logos of companies that we’ve worked with that we particularly like – http://www.giantowl.co.uk/ and bestshoestips.com

If you contact us we can give you the names of some of the graphic design companies that we have worked with in the past.

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